Okkoto is a giant boar god. He is the oldest of the boars and is the leader of them. He is first seen when Jigo and his hunters spot him through their small hiding place made of plants. He looks over to them, even though he is blind. He makes a loud cry and his tribe members respond with grunts and squeals. Then they leave. Then Okkoto is seen when he and his tribe of boars come to the place where San and Ashitaka are. Before he appears, the boars protest about Nago's death. "You wolves must have eaten him!" one boar says. Okkoto comes out and after he chats with Moro, he says,"Look at my tribe, Moro. We grow small, and we grow stupid. We will soon be nothing but squealing game... that the humans hunt for their meat." Near the end of the movie, Okkoto is seen bloody and shot. San and Okkoto are heading towards the Forest Spirit's pool, but humans in boar skins block the way. Okkoto thinks these are his warriors. San tries to persuade him they are not and she tries to fend them off. Okkoto starts growing the wormy tendrils of a demon. They start heading twards the pool again and San is stuck in the tendrils and can't get out. She calls out to Ashitaka and he hears her. Then demon Okkoto appears and Ashitaka tries to reach San, but is thrown off. Then Moro wakes up and digs through Okkoto's tendrils and finds San. Ashitaka grabs her out of Moro's mouth. Then the Forest Spirit comes and heals Okkoto but kills him and Moro.