Ashitaka is a prince and hero of his town where he saves them from a boar demon called Nago. He was touched and infected by the boar demon while he was trying to stop the demon so he had to cut his hair. He left the town so he could find a cure to be free from the infection and he found 2 injured men and brought them to their town (Iron Town). He meets Lady Eboshi and he soon finds out that she made the boar, who cursed him, into a demon by shooting him with a gun. A wolf girl (called San) tried attacking Lady Eboshi and they started fighting. Ashitaka separates them and a woman called Kiyo insisted that she will shoot him if he moves another step. He continued moving and someone moved Kiyo and she accidentally shot Ashitaka! But somehow, Ashitaka manages to stay alive and he carried the wolf girl to the gate of Iron Town and he single-handedly opened the gate and leaves with the wolf girl. The wolf girl awoke but Ashitaka was so wounded that he fell off Yakul. San insisted that she should kill him for keeping her from killing Eboshi. But she didn't do that. Instead, she brought him to a body of water and a forest spirit cured him from his wound. Yakul stayed by him for the whole time he was unconscious. When he awoke, San came and gave him something to eat. Meanwhile, a big group of boars went to the place Ashitaka was because they wanted to eat him and they thought it was unbelievable that the forest spirit saved him instead of saving Nago. 3 wolves went there too and convinced them that the forest spirit can save whoever it wants to.